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We are the advisors of the English Academic Network, we are here to answer your questions regarding the teaching of English in the Technology High School.

30 responses to “Assesor Comunity”

  1. Profile photo of Sandra Sandra says:

    Hello, I´m just starting in the network, I would like to participate in the site. Regards!

  2. Profile photo of Adonay Ariel Adonay Ariel says:

    I am a teacher at Conalep-Jalisco. My school is in the southern part of the state of Jalisco. About 4 hours from Guadalajara. I am a little confused about the syllabuses presented here. We have in each “subsistema” our own English programs. Can I consider the use of these new syllabuses instead of the Conalep ones beginning the next semester? Do we have to put aside the Conalep syllabuses then? I appreciate your help.

  3. Profile photo of LEONEL LEONEL says:

    I am a teacher at conalep Salvatiera in Guanajuato state and my own opinion is that we can check both syllabuses and take the best content according to your students necesities, remember that any syllabuse is better than the other, because both have interesting topics and grammar structures.

  4. Profile photo of Nahín Nahín says:

    it’ll be nice if we would make a vocabulary memory for the different subsystems. It is a small project I’m planning to work on at my school (vocabulary notebooks and grammar for every grade). In addition, it would be great if we could participate to make this project nationwide.

    I’m a CBTa teacher, so the vocabulary tends to be vast. it’ll be of great help for other teachers creating this vocabulary compendium.

  5. Profile photo of MARTÍN MARTÍN says:

    Good day teachers.
    Unfortunately our school authorities joined our subsystems and framed everything in a general baccalaureate and a technological baccalaureate to which they were given different ploans and programs and when we see them we can decide which of them to use but it is better to use what our authorities provide, with that of the didactic strategies of each subsystem.

    Huge greetings

  6. Profile photo of ADRIANA ADRIANA says:

    Hi everybody, what I can notice is that in some programas there is not sequence on the topics, another is that some programs have more grammatical topics and others are okey according to the number of hours we have, I hope this site can help us to make a great work in English.

  7. Profile photo of Graciela Graciela says:

    I have a question. I would like to know if somebody has the new ECA’s format. I hope the ECA’s will be in English. In my school, el Jefe de Docentes -told me that she does not understand English if the authorities want an ECA in English that is not going to work for her-, so I don’t understand. Are we going to write ECAs in English? or We need to follow the directions de Jefe de docentes?
    Thank you

    • Profile photo of Julieta Julieta says:

      Hi Graciela, unfortunately in the national reunion for the assignments of English and others of basic component, the format we received in the academy of English was in Spanish.

      The request of the auxiliares académicos was that we should plan in Spanish so everyone can understand and be able to work with a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary forms with our colleagues of the other learning areas.

  8. Profile photo of Graciela Graciela says:

    Julieta, thank you for your feedback, as our national representative, we need to stay in touch with you because you have all the information related to the new national guidelines.
    If you don’t mind, I would like to contact you, if I have further questions.
    Have a nice day.

  9. Profile photo of Aida Aida says:

    Hello Graciela and Julieta, I was thinking the same that Graciela, to write our lesson plan in Spanish is a double job because the syllabus was written in English and we are preparing the activities in English and the lesson plan in Spanish but is necessary for the collaborative work with our colleagues.

  10. Profile photo of Veronica Veronica says:

    Hello! good morning. My name is Verónica. I am from Ciudad del Carmen campeche. I work for Conalep . I am new in this site so i don’t know how to use this site. Can somebody to explain me , please?

  11. Hey every one.
    I´t´s a pleasure meeting you all
    I will try to answer your doubts.

    1.- The new syllabus for each semester has already been published and they are applied for all the interconnected schools which are part of the SEP system.
    We are supposed to start working on them, not on your own school´s syllabus.

    2.- Definitely you can make some adaptations but in your personal lesson planning and it has to be done in collaborative work within your school academy.However It doesn´t mean you are going to start doing your own syllabus school re-reproduction.
    This lesson planning adaptations should be endorsed by your school academy.
    The offincial syllabus can´t have any changes. We have to respect it.

    3.-As for the vocaburaty file for every semester, seems to be an excellent idea. Just so as not do over work, we need first to now which are the needs of the different interconnected schools in the SEP system. That is to say, get to know how many semesters they have in their schools so as to work on a vocabulary file.

    4.- The sequence of the grammar comntent.
    Remenber that in the “Nuevo Modelo Educativo”, the new syllabus does not start with grammar content, whe should now consider the expected learning outcome in stead. You have to check the semester syllabus you are teaching this comming new school year. There you will go to the section where you will find the expected learning outcome wich is a weekly plan. So for the students to achieve that communicative cmpetence, you will have then to see what grammar content o contents will help the students to achieve that communication process.
    But you start considereing the expected learnig outcome, not the grammar content.

    5.- The new lesson planning format.
    Last june, 2019, in the national academic convention, was introduced a new planning format, and we are all supposed to make the classes development in it. It is not allowed to make your or the schools´s own format.
    You have the option to write all the classes development in Spanish.

    Hope i can solve your doubts


    Mario García Martínez
    Cetis 2, Coyoacán CDMX.

  12. Profile photo of ERNESTINA ERNESTINA says:

    Hi, I would like to say hello since the beautiful city of San Luis Potosi. (Capital)
    I am reading the news about all the information, this is a good way to be up to date.

  13. Profile photo of Antonieta Antonieta says:

    Good morning, I teach all levels of English at my school, I hope we can share specific activities that promote expected learning outcomes of our curricular programs.
    Best regards!

  14. Profile photo of GUADALUPE GUADALUPE says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have a question?
    Why do English teachers have to write lesson plans in English and Spanish?

  15. Profile photo of MARTHA MARTHA says:

    Hello my name is martha , I live in Guerrero and I work in Bachilleres. I¨m new to this site too.

  16. Hi, this is Ambrosio. I am just starting in this platform. I wish improve my English. I hope everybody help.

  17. Profile photo of Claudia Claudia says:

    Hi! this is Claudia. I`m state of Mexico. I’m a teacher at COBAEM- Acolman. In ours school we have many problems with internet connection, and it’s a really problem when we want to use the technology in the classroom!!

  18. Profile photo of Fanny Fanny says:

    I am fanny. I´m interesting in learning new ways of teaching but we don´t have internet on campus and that makes teaching work difficult.

  19. Profile photo of ADOLFO ADOLFO says:

    Please guys, who have the comparison between syllabuses for cbtis-uemstis-dgeti, I mean, the differences. Please share to the group.
    comparison from the old and new model..

  20. Profile photo of Cindy Cindy says:

    Hello, I am working right now in my “secuencia didactica” but I have a big problem its structure is from the past study program, so I don´t know how to engage with this new program.
    What can I do?
    My subsytem did not give us a new one.
    Cindy Chirino

  21. Profile photo of Angel Angel says:

    hello !! I’m Angel and new on this site, and would like to know if we will have schedules, routines, because we live in differents states and schedules, pacific time, center time etcetera.

    Our community will grow if we share time and trying to make the difference, there are many topics we can discuss, Don’t you think ?

    contact me via this platform …. most of the time will be able during night or midnight… by any chance. school matters… English matter..

    This it could be a great opportunity to be heard

  22. Profile photo of sara sara says:

    Hello. I am sara I am new in the site too, and I don’t know how to use this plataform yet. so I hope we can help each other.I workt at cecyte

  23. Profile photo of alvaro alvaro says:

    I`m an english teacher for COBAEM Jilotepec Estado de Mexico I just starded to use this plataform and I`m having trouble understanding it can someone please help me by explaining me what to do I`ll thank you for your time all for your time.

  24. Profile photo of Teresa Teresa says:

    Hello. My name is Tere. I´m just trying to learn how this platform works. I´d like to participate!

  25. Profile photo of Ma.Elena Ma.Elena says:

    Hello everyone!
    I am Ma. Elena. I am just joining to this online group, besides that I am trying to learn how this platform works too.
    I am not a good computer user so I hope you are patient with me.

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