Areas of interest

In this section you will find articles related to English language teaching and learning. The aim is to provide you with ideas, articles and materials written in English and int that way to help you practice the language and get information to improve your teaching skills.


The next links provide information about lesson planning.


Lesson plans

Why should I write a plan? The best option is always to be prepared. Once you have prepared your lesson you will feel much more confident walking into the classroom and you will soon be able to relax, more information:


A framework for planning a listening skills lesson

In the next article the author intend to outline a framework that can be used to design a listening lesson that will develop your students’ listening skills and look at some of the issues involved.



This section will provide information on the way we teach and how students learn English.


An investigation into improved primary school English language learning in the traditional classroom

This paper addresses the learning and teaching of English, from the perspective of primary pupils in government schools in Egypt.


10 Questions Everyone Has About Becoming a Great Language Teacher

The job of a language teacher is to teach courses in or about a specific language. In most modern curricula, this also entails teaching literature and culture, broadly defined, as knowing these are essential to understanding a foreign culture and the way it uses its language, more information:


Role of a Teacher in English Language Teaching (ELT)

English Language Teaching (ELT), especially, when English is connected to Class Room Teaching (CRT), it plays a very significant role in engrossing the student’s attention. To acquire good communication skills or to excel in communication skills, one has to acquire expertise in all the four skills, in the next article the role of English teacher will be discussed.


Language Teaching Strategies and Techniques Used to Support Students Learning in a Language other than Their Mother Tongue

In today’s global society many learners are facing the challenge of accessing an International Baccalaureate (IB) programme in a language other than their mother tongue.

To enable learners to fully participate in both the academic and social aspects of school life, educators need to recognize how this phenomenon impacts on teaching and learning and identify ways to support language development. The next article will explore some techniques to help students to learn languages.


What’s the best way to teach languages?

How do students best pick up languages? Martin Williams talks to academics, teachers and multi-lingual speakers to find out about the science of learning a language


This section will provide you ideas on how to manage your classroom for successful lessons.


20 Classroom Management Strategies and Techniques

Unfortunately, research indicates that teachers overwhelmingly report lack of professional development support in improving classroom management. Despite this unideal situation, there are straightforward approaches you can implement by yourself. These approaches can enhance prosocial student behavior and academic engagement, establishing an orderly environment.


5 effective classroom management strategies that work wonders

When it comes to sharing effective classroom management strategy, there are lots of different ways of thinking. Most educators believe things should be done a certain way and many of these ways are vastly different. Many of these methods have also enjoyed years of success—after all, if it works then it works. The question is, is there a comprehensive universal list of approaches regarding effective classroom management that can help all teachers?


In this area you will find information to motivate your students to learn English.


The Advantages of Learning English

In an increasingly diverse, global economy, having a language in common greatly facilitates cross-cultural communication between people from different regions and nations. The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, second only to Mandarin. English being a widely-spoken language throughout the world is only one of the many advantages of learning the language.


9 Major Benefits of Learning English

Learning a new language is always an excellent idea. It provides you incredible benefits that come with the backing of science! One of the most useful languages to learn is English.


TESOL English Language Bulletin 

The TESOL English Language Bulletin, a digest of the most important news affecting English language teachers worldwide, is published twice a week. It also contains TESOL association news and information on upcoming TESOL events.




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  1. I hope that the lesson plans, are the most important tool for teachers.

  2. Profile photo of Griselda Griselda says:

    As I see, it´s very useful how to make a lesson plan, nevertheless, I´d like to know if there is a format to follow up.

  3. Profile photo of ROSARIO ROSARIO says:

    I am so excited about this platform!! We really need this space , to learn new strategies for our english class. I hope to learn important tools and from teachers too.

  4. Profile photo of Gabriela Gabriela says:

    Hi, I am new in this platform, I´m very excited for this opportunity to share with teachers from all over of Mexico.

  5. Profile photo of Rocio Rocio says:

    Thankfully, lesson plans can be as demanding as one wants. It can depend upon your school or coordinator how much information do you need to transfer to it.
    One teacher, once told us, “as long as you understand what needs to be done that day, it doesn’t matter if it’s only the initial letter that its written, but write something!”
    Lesson plans should be made individually, as long as it meets the school’s requirements.
    Every teacher works and uses different resources and has a very different dynamic with every group, so, that’s why I belive, that yes, they should be individual, with our own format. Just my thoughts about that. Txs!

    • Profile photo of MARTÍN MARTÍN says:

      Good day teacher Rocio:
      Exactly to elaborate a class plan one can extend them to what the objective of the lesson is required.

      In this the ideas that we understand are reflected because the plans are prepared by ourselves for the type of students we have.
      Greetings and my congratulations.

  6. Profile photo of Ana Lilia Ana Lilia says:

    Hello everybody
    Lesson planning is so important, it is a guide to achive aims, when we plan a lesson we think about what our students might find difficult about the language in the lesson so that we can help them learn more effectively.

  7. Profile photo of MARTÍN MARTÍN says:

    Good day teachers!
    I consider that class plans are a main tool for the development of a class. I hope you can share some plans to innovate in a new class for my students.

  8. Planning a lesson is a necessary action because it will be a guide during the semester. However, in my opinion it’s more efficient to elaborate a daily planning. This exercise has helped me to have a better control of the established activities and to achieve the porpuses of the blocks and the subject on time.

  9. Profile photo of Cutzi Cutzi says:

    I am really excited about this platform too!! We need this space , to learn new strategies for our english class.

  10. Profile photo of Jess Nikol Jess Nikol says:

    Hi everyone!
    I think we should exchange our ideas in teaching, some of us, we also work with children. I think we should share materials or ideas.

  11. Profile photo of Monserrat Monserrat says:

    hello everybody!!
    I am new on this platform but it´s very important for me because in some cases, I have a lot of questions and my partners don´t have the answers, but if I talk to teachers who give the same subject as me it’s going to be real feedback to improve my teaching practice.
    Greetings for Puebla!!!

  12. Profile photo of LEONOR LEONOR says:

    Hello, this space is interesting because it will strengthen the teaching od english with the exchange of strategies for better learning in students.

  13. Profile photo of Juana Juana says:

    All the tools and elements for making a lesson plan are very important because we as teachers can organize the times and we can get better results with all the ideas that you have shared, I appreciatte them.

  14. Profile photo of YIRAH YIRAH says:

    Hi all, i think this section is very important, it’s our main tool everyday, so we need to plan this very carefully in order to cover the student’s need and try to adapt it to them for the best option.

  15. Profile photo of Crisanto Crisanto says:

    I like the issue of the advantages of learning English. Many of the young high school students have no idea why they should learn English. At the beginning of my English class, I will announce this topic about the advantages of learning a second language such as English.

    • Excellent idea, Crisanto! You are right when you say most of our students have no idea of what (or when) a second language can do for them. It would be a good exercise to start our course by asking our ss what they think they would be able to do by knowing a second language. Greetings from Zihuatanejo.

  16. The lesson plan is a necessary tool for a teacher, it must be understood by anyone. It provides the objective, the topic, the activities to develop, the procedure of them, the material that will be used and the time of each activity. While a teacher is planning it is important to consider the students’ needs and their context. Greetings!

  17. Profile photo of Ma. Lourdes Ma. Lourdes says:

    To do my lesson plans is very important for me because this way I can to get the principal objectives with my students. I can distribute my time, activities and I to have an a better idea about what I need and I´m going to to do into the classroom with them. Geetings!!!

  18. Profile photo of Mireya Mireya says:

    Hi everyone!!! I think a lesson plan is an important tool for our daily classes, it is a guide! I love creative and funny activities, could you share some of them??!!

  19. Hello Everybody!
    I agree with most of your comments! For sure a lesson plan is really important for a teacher. It helps you feel more confident in class because it is the guide you follow in order not to hesitate.
    Every tip and advice we get from the integrants of this group, is very helpful!!

  20. Hello, everyone!
    It is true that we all should plan our lessons (every day – as one of you said – would be better) at least every week in order to have a guide to be followed and don’t get lost in the way.
    We know our ss and yes, we – at the moment of planning – can think of what the lesson will be like and what issues we will find every time we go in the classroom.
    This – for sure – will be a very good experience for each and every one of us, hopefully!
    Greetings from Zihuatanejo!

  21. Profile photo of Antonieta Antonieta says:

    Good morning, the suggested link for planning has been really useful to me since many years ago; the British Council site is full of resources that help teachers with more interactive sessions.

  22. Profile photo of Cutzi Cutzi says:

    Hello everyone! I think a lesson plan is an important tool for our daily classes…I love add creative activities in which my students get fun and learn.

  23. Profile photo of Ramon Daniel Ramon Daniel says:

    In my school we have always planned class sessions but I consider this to write everything in detail what is going to be done, it is better because here you can avoid some issues and anticipate so many times you can change some things after an own reflexion.

  24. Profile photo of Ramon Daniel Ramon Daniel says:

    Listen an English song it´s very funny and students can memorize many words pronunciation correctly and they know that this is a way to learn any language.
    To relate the learning of English grammar with a song is great. In my case in my context on some occasions I relate the Mayan language of certain words that have similarity in terms of pronunciation with English.

  25. Profile photo of paula paula says:

    Hello, I am new in this platform. This Is a verte good opportunity for me.

  26. Profile photo of Lidia Lidia says:

    Lesson Plans are one of the most important part pf the language, because help us to organize our class and handle the time in an objective way, helping ourv students get a meaningful learning.

  27. Profile photo of ELIZABETH ELIZABETH says:

    Hello, everyone I believe that the class plan is an indispensable tool to carry out the learning and teaching process, which allows us at the end of the class to reflect on what is workable or not.

  28. Good afternoon. I think that English language learning activities should be based around the context in which students live. That is why it is important that students live new learning experiences, especially learning a second language.

  29. Profile photo of Anabell Anabell says:

    Class planning is very important to me, because I can organize the learning activities in the scheduled time, and I can consider the learning interests of my students to achieve it successfully!

  30. Great resources from British Council, the listenings and readings really helpful for teachers and students during this covid-19 time.

  31. The resources from British council always has been great for teachers and students too; during this covid-19 time it´s especially helpful.

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