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    What i can see, my first experience with my english class wasn’t too bad, because they have an idea of what the english is, and they said, it’s pretty dificult.
    what i can do to change their point of view?

    • You are right teacher Idania. Most students don’t considere important English classes, especially students who come form suburns or poor towns. But great surprise with students that come from towns where dialects are spoken, this type of students are excellent in oral practice and reading.
      What can you do? Try to use estrategies and materials that motive them and get their attention.

    • Dear teacher Idania. I recommend you the following:
      First, apply some questions to your students in order to detect their learning styles.
      Second, according to the results you got with the questions, include in your planeation estrategies that help you to improve your classes.
      Third, use different estratgies for each group thinking of the groups are different.
      Fourth, try to use a variaty of materials to get the attention of your students.
      Fith, don’t permit the use of phones in class.

      Good luck