Rules of Participation


  1. Access to the Platform that hosts the Academic Network will be exclusively for teachers.

  3. Respect the objective and dynamics of the Network, attending exclusively academic questions and the operation of the study programs of the English subject.
  4. The content and shared resources will be exclusively related to the English subject, based on the study programs.
  5. The content handled on the platform must be in English.
  6. Share teaching resources under the technical specifications established in this document.
  7. Shared resources that are not of their own creation, must have the corresponding permissions for their dissemination, as well as their respective appointment in APA format.
  8. In the case of teaching materials with photos, audios and / or videos of the students, request the corresponding permits with the parents, for their dissemination in the Network.
  9. The members of the Network, must participate actively, interacting, with their peers, feedback on shared experiences and collaborating with content that helps the teaching of English, according to the study programs.
  10. Participations in the forums must be in English, using upper- and lower-case letters. Writing everything in capital letters makes reading difficult and could be considered as using a loud voice.
  11. Participation in the forums will be carried out under the values of respect and tolerance for each of the ideas expressed, in a healthy and collaborative environment.
  12. Respect the privacy and intimacy of all members.
  13. Helps maintain control in controversial situations.
  14. Before issuing any comments, consider:
    • Read all community interventions before participating.
    • Issue clear and concrete comments.
    • Verify spelling and clarity in writing before publishing.
    • Collaborate with the consultations of the rest of the network.
  15. Assume responsibility for the academic impact of the Network.

48 responses to “Rules of Participation”

  1. Profile photo of Juan Ignacio Juan Ignacio says:

    How many of you are familiar with “comprehensive input”? If so, what do you know

  2. Hi Juan, what I know about comprehensive input is that knowledge that you are providing your students in order to communicate. All the words and vocabulary that you are using is input to them, but you should meditate if it is comprehensive for them in regard to their level, interests, and context.

  3. Profile photo of Sandra Sandra says:

    Very good! I like the rules. And welcome everybody, this is very useful for my classes and I want to practice english, this is very “pro”. Congratulations

  4. Profile photo of DIANA DIANA says:

    Well, rules Will help to make this space more fruitful, thanks formato sharing them, let’s respect them! Regards.

  5. Profile photo of DIANA DIANA says:

    Well, rules Will help to make this space more fruitful, thanks for sharing them, let’s respect them! Regards.

  6. It is always a good idea to have a set of rules to this forum, the way we teachers set the rules in class


  7. Profile photo of Angelica Angelica says:

    Hi. I think the rules are necessary to focus on the academic and don’t distract the attention on superfluous things.

  8. Profile photo of LEONEL LEONEL says:

    Hi, rules for me are ok,I would like to know more about different teaching strategies in real context. thanks for your comments.

  9. Profile photo of Griselda Griselda says:

    Hi, from my point of view, rules are very important, if we want to share this space with our ideas and so on, so it´s awesome to know them.

  10. Profile photo of gabriela gabriela says:

    Hi to everyone. It’s great to have this community to share with others english teacher´s. I agree that the first and the most important before starting is to know the rules and have respect to each other and our comments.

  11. Profile photo of Monse Banda Monse Banda says:

    Hi! the frame it is very important because we can know how are the rules of this interesting game!!

  12. Profile photo of Ma. Lourdes Ma. Lourdes says:

    Hi everybody! I think that rules are very important in all kind of grupal work!

  13. Profile photo of ADRIANA ADRIANA says:

    Good evening everybody, I agree with all of you, rules take an important role in our lives, I consider that at the beginning of any participation everybody must know what are they in order to have better results.

  14. Profile photo of leticia leticia says:

    hi, everybody good evening
    I like the rules and is very important respect it.

  15. Hi, everybody. I agree with you and rules because are very important in all works.

  16. Hello! Good evening everybody! I am very happy to be here, I guess this is going to be very productive. Yes! I think that the set of norms or rules is very important everywhere and we have to follow the regulations if we want to have order and avoid problems or misunderstandings.

  17. Profile photo of Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Hello everyone !! Rules are important to follow some some direction and avoid problems as Alejandra Gabriela said.

  18. Profile photo of Luis Luis says:

    Hello! in my opinion rules are very important, they will guide us to make communication and interaction more effectively.

  19. Hi, we have to follow rules and norms in our classes!

  20. Profile photo of Perla Perla says:

    hi everyone! I wish we could share succesful estrategies in our classes. I mean, teaching in these times are hard.

  21. Hello, rules are really important for a good relationship and an excellent communication!

  22. Profile photo of Mayrumy28 Mayrumy28 says:

    Hello everyone,

    This is going to be an awesome opportunity to share teaching strategies for improving our English class and learn from each other experiences.

    Mayra Velez,

  23. Profile photo of Nancy Nancy says:

    Good day ! is very important to know ho to work on the plataform and the rules are very explicit.

  24. Profile photo of Jose Luis Jose Luis says:

    Hi, all of you!!

    Thanks for sharing the rules of this site, are very important to have a good work environment.

  25. Profile photo of Alma Edith Alma Edith says:

    Hi. Everyone good morning, i agree with this course, i think it is an excelent way to learn.Thanks for this opportunity.

  26. Profile photo of David David says:

    Hello everyone, I agree with this kind of source ,because we can interact with others english teachers.

  27. who is in sueños compartidos course?

  28. Profile photo of Sandra Sandra says:

    Hi everybody, I agree with the rules for this course. i hope learn too much and share with my students.

  29. Profile photo of Pragedis Pragedis says:


    In my opinion , rules in a class or in a training curse is vveri importante bacause they show us the way we have to behave , in order to have an effective and successful communication. Thank you so much!. I am in Sueños Compartidos Course .

  30. Profile photo of GUSTAVO GUSTAVO says:

    Hi my dear pals again! . In my opinion rules are very important and we must follow them in order to have and create a wonderful english comunity ’cause I think this is the main idea of this forum.

  31. Hi everyone! In my opinion… If we are respectful all the time, we will have a good communication, but to know the rules are very important to know our limits.

  32. Profile photo of ERNESTINA ERNESTINA says:

    hello every one!
    It is a pleasure to be here in this group of english teachers .
    I think the rules are perfect in a sense of maintain the respect and share new opinions and recomend activities.
    Great job!

  33. Profile photo of Antonieta Antonieta says:

    Good morning! I have just recently signed and read the rules of this useful Academic network. I am so glad to be part of this collaborative space.

  34. Profile photo of FERNANDO FERNANDO says:


  35. Good afternoon everyone, I agree with the rules, What I expect from this platform is to learn as much as I can, always sharing Ideas and feedback from all of you.

  36. Profile photo of JUAN DEMIAN JUAN DEMIAN says:

    useful platform to share info. on related topics congratulations to all teachers, looking forward to contribute.

  37. Profile photo of JUAN DEMIAN JUAN DEMIAN says:

    tums up to the rules, looking forward to share info. to related topics and feedback.

  38. Profile photo of Zilka Zilka says:

    In my personal opinion rules are very important because they show us how we can interact with other people

  39. Profile photo of Angel Angel says:

    show some respect, doesn’t bother anyone, it is like using common sense.

  40. Profile photo of Alicia Alicia says:

    Rules are very useful for this new interaction. I hope to learn with you.

  41. Profile photo of Teresa Teresa says:

    Rules are very important in our community!

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