Scope of the teaching
of English




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of English”

  1. Profile photo of Marcial Marcial says:

    We already recibe a program in which it is set the topics we have to teach.

    Let’s see how all this work out!

    Happy studies!!!

  2. Profile photo of Ricardo Ricardo says:

    works out*. Teachers’ grammar ought to be neat!

  3. Profile photo of Sandra Sandra says:

    i think that the scope of the teaching of english its totality global, because all the subjecs are included, the english teacher must have a complete panorama of expected achievements by the products from the students done.

  4. Profile photo of Angelica Angelica says:

    Good night everybody

    I think that the scope makes a huge view, which means that there must be a complete work that incudes family, students and teachers.
    It is a fact that students have to engage in any activity in order to achieve the goals.

  5. Profile photo of LEONOR LEONOR says:

    I think that the cross-curricular helps students to relate english in all subjects.

  6. Profile photo of Crisanto Crisanto says:

    The learning as a second language has always been important for Mexicans. students.
    Yong people in their baccalaureate studies should ideally know vocabularies to face the new challenges when they go to study their university career.
    However, in the school, a language laboratory is needed in order to practice the second language as plurilingualism.

  7. Profile photo of Ramon Daniel Ramon Daniel says:

    I learned Spanish firstly speaking, then when I began to go to kinder garden I learned how to read it and write it, I think whatever language that we want to learn should be since first ages beacuse kids have good senses catching precision of pronunciation and other skills to prefection whatever language.

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